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Como (Khaki)

It is a tote bag in the form of a tool bag made of recycled nylon fabric from mixed PET bottles. The prototype toolbags were born in the 1940s when mass production in the United States accelerated. The original product was made simply by sewing all of them without using any metal such as rivets. 
Ohio products used a total of eight rivets on the handle to increase durability.
There is a pocket at the top of the inside and an inner pocket divided into two compartments, making it convenient to store.
Both sides of the interior are fitted with D-rings to attach straps. (The strap is not included.)

Outer Fabric: Mypan Rezen 70% / Regular Nylon 30%
Poly 100%
Made from Meipan Regen fabric recycled from mixed PET bottles, it is a waterproof nylon fabric.
Mypan Regen fabric is an eco-friendly fabric that has been certified as the Global Recycle Standard by CONTROL UNION with 100% recycling yarn.

① Waterproof for daily use
② Inner dangling pocket 1
③ Inner Storage Pocket 2
④ Inner D-ring (without straps)
⑤ Magnet Open/Close Snap

• Size (cm)
◦ Width: 48
◦ Vertical: 30.5 / Handle: 9.5
◦ Width: 11

• Weight (g)

Our products were made from real military tents used in the war that consists of actual wear and tear. Therefore, each product's color and surface may differ depending on its level of usage. We believe that this imbues our products with meaning and value and creates a natural beauty that we pursue at KANEI TEI.

Como (Khaki)